The Possibility of Progress

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April 2005



The historical separation of economic thought and moral philosophy is breached in this interdisciplinary examination of how all nations must work together to progress toward a more just, inclusive, and sustainable global community. Economic justice is presented as a key measure of social progress, such that the ethical context of economic matters enforces the implementation of a new social order that uses capitalist principles for inclusive goals. The full spectrum of collective and individual thought is discussed, including the obstacles to social change that are experienced on personal levels of perception and psychology.


Mark Braund, an economic philosopher by experience, has spent many years wrestling with these issues personally and professionally. He has worked in the private, public and voluntary sectors, and spent three years as an advisor to the government of Mozambique.


'This is an impressive, important and readable book' James Robertson, NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION ' - he is to be congratulated for opening up a debate based on the notion that we must radi-cally rethink our economic system for it to be fair and sustainable' John West, TRIBUNE ' - promises to transform the way we think about politics, economics and the value of human life - will interest people at all points of the political spectrum, engaging liberals and conservatives alike' eMediaWire
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