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This third edition of Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar is an up-to-date and practical reference guide to the most important aspects of modern Hebrew, as used by contemporary native speakers of the language.
Presenting an accessible description of the language, this user-friendly text focuses on the real patterns of use today. A reference source for the learner and user of Hebrew irrespective of level, it sets out the complexities of the language in short, readable sections that are clear and free from jargon.
Features of this updated edition include:
* expanded coverage of nouns, verbs and adjectives* more examples throughout* a full exercise key* a glossary of grammatical terms.
Well presented and easy to use, Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar is ideal either for independent study or for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult education.


Preface. Glossary. Hebrew grammatical terminology. Level one. 1. The simple sentence: basic word order 2. The simplest sentences: 'Me Tarzan, you Jane' 3. The personal pronouns 4. The definite article 5. The Hebrew for 'a', 'some' 6-8. Masculine and feminine, singluar and plural 9. Noun and adjective phrases 12-13. Agreement 14. Numerals 15. Paratives: 'Many of the ..., all the ...' 16. Pronouns and words standing in for nouns 17. Possessives and constructs 18-23. The inflections of the verb 24. Root and base 25. Word patterns: binyanim and mishkalim 26-9. Illustrating the four active binyanim 30-2. The passive binyanim: NIF'AL, HUF'AL, PU'AL 33. Direct and indirect object 34. Object markers 35-6. Prepositions and other prefixes and suffixes 37. 'there is, there are' 38. 'I have' 39. Questions 40. Negation or how to say 'No' 41. 'The cake in the fridge, stamps from Israel' 42. Degree words 43. Adverbs of time and place in the sentence 44-9. Embedded clauses Level two. 50-9. Special root types 60. More plurals of nouns 61. Vowel-raising 62. Generic plurals: 'I hate cockroaches' 63. Plural loss 64-8. Noun types (mishkalim) 69-71. Adjective types 72. Present tense 'verbs' as nouns and adjectives 73-7. Constructs and possessives 78. Preposition and suffix 79-81. Numerals 82. Tense 83. The object suffix 84. Reflexives: 'myself, yourself ...' 85. 'One another' 86. Experience adjectives 87-90. Comparatives 91-6. Adverbials 97. The gerund 98. Where to position ?? and ?? 99-100. Negatives 101. Questions 102. Wishes and requests 103. 'Either ... or' 104. Clauses as subject: 'Painting is fun' 105. Relative clauses 106. When the order is not subject-verb-object 107. Starting with the topic 108 Israeli spelling Exercises. Vocabulary for exercises. Key to exercises. Index.


Lewis Glinert is Professor of Hebrew Studies at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
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