Multiple Forcing

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In this 1987 text Professor Jech gives a unified treatment of the various forcing methods used in set theory, and presents their important applications.


Preface; Part I. Product Forcing: 1. Forcing and Boolean-valued models; 2. Properties of the generic extension; 3. Examples of generic reals; 4. Product forcing; 5. Examples of product forcing; 6. The Levy collapse; 7. Product measure forcing; Part II. Iterated Forcing: 8. Two step iteration; 9. Finite support iteration; 10. Martin's axiom; 11. Suslin's problem; 12. Whitehead's problem; 13. Kaplansky's conjecture; 14. Countable support iteration; 15. Borel's conjecture; Part III. Proper Forcing: 16. Stationary sets; 17. Infinite games on complete Boolean algebras; 18. Proper forcing; 19. Examples of proper forcing; 20. Iteration of proper forcing; 21. The Proper Forcing Axiom; 22. Martin's maximum; 23. Well-founded iteration; Bibliography; Index of symbols; Subject index; Author index.
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