Developing Adoption Support and Therapy: New Approaches for Practice

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This book explores the challenges of adoption and how best to support families coping with these demands. Angie Hart and Barry Luckock draw together adoptive parents' experiences, professional practice and empirical research to provide an integrative account of adoption support services.


1. Adoption Today. 2. Understanding Adoptive Childhood and Family Life: Family Practices and Narratives as the Context for Adoption Support. 3. Adoption Support: The Legal and Organisational Framework for Practice. 4. 'Someone There For Us': The Adoption Support Services Advisor in Context. 5. Facilitating 'Good Enough' Adoptive Parenting Through Formal Therapeutic Interventions. 6. 'Holding Multiple Families in Mind': Enabling Open Communication and Adoptive Kinship. 7. Developing Communities of Adoptive Practice. References. Index.


Angie Hart is the adoptive parent of three children. She is a principal lecturer in the Faculty of Health at the University of Brighton and a therapist working in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Southdowns Health NHS Trust, Brighton. She is a tutor on professional courses for health practitioners, and undertakes research on health and social care. Barry Luckock is a qualified social worker and teacher who lectures in social work and social policy in the Department of Social Work and Social Care at the University of Sussex. He specialises in child welfare policy and practice.


A well-argued, substantial, intelligent text, which will take thoughtful readers on in their appreciation of the complexity of adoption support. It deserves to be widely read.' - John Simmonds, BAAF 'A welcome breath of fresh air and common sense to the often complex issues surrounding the permanent placement of children in substitute families.' - Caroline Archer, Family Futures
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