Media Sport Stars: Masculinities and Moralities

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November 2001



"Media Sport Stars" considers how masculinity and male identity are represented through images of sport and sport stars. From the pre-radio era to today's specialist TV channels, newspaper supplements and websites, Gary Whannel traces the growing cultural importance of sport and sportmen, showing how the very practices of sport are still bound up with the production of masculinities. Focusing on figures like Muhammad Ali and David Beckham, Whannel shows how growing media coverage has helped produce a sporting system, and examines how modern celebrity addresses the issues of race and nation, performance and identity, morality and violence.


1. Introduction. Part One: The Tales they Tell of Men... 2. Discourses of crisis in masculinity 3. The developments of media sports 4. Heroes and stars 5. Narrativity and biography 6. Sporting masculinities Part Two: From Sporting Print to Satellite 7. The birth of the sport star: Pre War Fame 8. Good Boys: Stars, Nations and Respectability in the 1950s 9. Pretty Boys, the 1960s and pop culture 10. Bad boys and the work ethic Part Three: The Restless Vortex of Celebrity 11. Celebration, punishment, redemption and self-discipline 12. Moralities, masculinities and violence 13. Identities: "race", nation and masculinity 14. Performances, appearances, identitites and post-modernities 15. Voretextuality and conspicious consumption 16. Conclusion: So what if the poxy swan is the wrong way? Appendices. 1. Bibliographical Notes 2. The concept of the "Role Model" - critical notes 3. Notes on the Methodological Issues. Bibliography.


'Whannel is an experienced guide into questions of commodification, sexism, racism, and nationalism, as he takes us through the logics and practices of television and the tabloids.' - International Review for the Sociology of Sport 'Media Sport Stars has the theoretical heft to bear out [the] promise of potential ... a winning one.' - The Hedgehog Review - Celebrity Culture
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