Hamlet Versus Lear: Cultural Politics and Shakespeare's Art

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August 2004



A consideration of the two plays of Shakespeare that have generally contended for the title of 'greatest' among his work.


Acknowledgements; Preface; 1. Introduction: Hamlet versus King Lear; 2. Hamlet and Hamletism; 3. The reception of King Lear; 4. Plays and texts; 5. Hamlet, King Lear and art; 6. A design for Hamlet; 7. A shaping for King Lear; Epilogue.


"Attention to any book by this distinguished author and professor of English...is always warranted, but especially this one, which has as its subjects, Hamlet and Lear, their variant texts, postmodern criticism, and the Bard's reputation itself." American Library Association "...a timely and important book. The surveys of critical history are judicious and persuasive; the critique of current practices is not just curmudgeonly but identifies real problems; and the readings of the plays themselves show how what is best in current critical practive--particularly its awareness that a play takes on a life specific to the culture that reads it--can be used in the service of these texts." Shakespeare Studies "...enormously valuable as wide-ranging and knowledgeable discussions of a huge quantity of material handled with grace and skill. This is indispensable reading to anyone concerned with the afterlife of either play." Shakespeare Bulletin
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