Rationality and Dynamic Choice: Foundational Explorations

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August 2004



This is a major contribution to the theory of rational choice which will be of particular interest to philosophers and economists.


1. Introduction and sketch of the main argument; 2. The ordering principle; 3. The independence principle; 4. The problem of justification; 5. Pragmatic arguments; 6. Dynamic choice problems; 7. Rationality conditions on dynamic choice; 8. Consequentialist constructions; 9. Rethinking the problem of dynamic consistency; 10. A critique of the pragmatic arguments; 11. Formalizing the pragmatic arguments; 12. The feasibility of resolute choice; 13. Connections; 14. Conclusions; Postscript: projections.


"This is a seminal work which demands the serious attention of all those interested in rational choice." David Gauthier, University of Pittsburgh "McClennen's book is a highly interesting and valuable contribution to the growing literature on the nature of reason...Moreover McClennen's discussion of a wealth of central ideas and issues in decision theory bearing on his defence of resolute choice (to which I cannot hope to do justice in this review) takes the reader through some fascinating territory. The journey is well worth the price of admission." Jean Hampton, Canadian Philosophical Reviews
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