Greek Musical Writings: Volume 1, the Musician and His Art

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September 2004



This book is the first of two volumes offering a selection of Greek writings on music, newly translated into English and equipped with an extensive commentary. This volume contains passages from Greek poets, historians and essayists, evoking or describing aspects of the practical activities of musical performance and composition, together with excerpts from philosophers and social critics who comment on the moral, education and aesthetic dimensions of the art. Music was of fundamental importance in the culture of ancient Greece. Its nature and significance cannot now, perhaps, be fully recaptured, but we have a rich fund of information about the Greek experience of music, its forms, its meanings, its social roles, and the practical details of its composition and performance.


List of illustrations; List of authors and passages quoted; Acknowledgements; Texts and abbreviations; Transliteration of Greek words; Introduction; 1. Homer; 2. Hesiod; 3. The Homeric hymns; 4. From Archilochus to the late sixth century; 5. Pindar; 6. Fifth-century tragedy; 7. The musical revolution of the later fifth century; 8. Aristophanes; 9. Xenophon; 10. Plato; Appendix A. The harmoniai; Appendix B. Damon; 11. Aristotle; 12. The Hibeh papyrus on music; 13. Theophrastus; 14. The Aristotelian problems; 15. The Plutarchian treatise on music; Appendix A. The nomoi; Appendix B. The spondeion and the spondeiazon tropos; 16. Athenaeus; Appendix: Athenaeus' sources; Bibliography of works by modern authors; Index.


'This book ... contains passages in which ancient opinions are expressed on the status, function and practice of music in Greek life ... The translated passages are well supplied with explanatory notes that ... give the Greekless reader as much information as can be reasonably extracted from the original ... As such it is essential reading for any historian of ancient music.' The Musical Times
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Untertitel: 'Greek Musical Writings'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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