Avian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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November 2004



The biology of birds is diverse and frequently differs significantly from other vertebrates. Many birds migrate or fly at high altitudes, while egg-laying and feather production places high demands on nutrient uptake and storage. This book is the only comprehensive and up-to-date survey of avian biochemistry and molecular biology available. It emphasizes the similarities and differences between birds and other vertebrates, concentrating on new developments. The first section deals with protein lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, its hormonal control and the adaptations that occur in birds. The second covers the avian genome, gene expression and avian immunology. Growth and embryological development are also discussed. Avian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will be of interest to all those working on birds, especially postgraduate students and researchers.


Preface; Nomenclature, abbreviations and conventions; 1. Introduction to avian biochemistry and molecular biology; Part I. Metabolism: 2. Avian nutrition; 3. Carbohydrate and intermediary metabolism; 4. Lipids and their metabolism; 5. Protein and amino acid metabolism; 6. Metabolic adaptation of particular importance in avian species; 7. The role of avian hormones in the control of metabolism; Part II. The Avian Genome and its Expression: 8. The avian genome; 9. Avian multidomain genes and multigene families: their evolution and function; 10. Avian steroid hormones and the control of gene expression; 11. Avian oncogenes; 12. Molecular genetics of avian development; 13. The molecular basis of avian immunology; References; Index.


'... absolutely the first book devoted to such a specific theme ... a book of great value.' Cellular and Molecular Biology 'This slim volume would be a boon for any program in comparative physiology and biochemistry and points out new directions in ornithology. No other comparable volume is available ... As a result of his approach, this effort will be of interest to anyone interested in how birds are designed and work, especially at the molecular level.' Journal of American Ornithologists Union '... a well-researched and fully referenced text ... a valuable series of reviews of these areas of avian biochemistry and molecular biology which have developed rapidly during the last decade.' P. J. Sharpe, The Ibis '... the book fills a gap in the current avian literature, providing a valuable series of reviews of these areas of avian biochemistry and molecular biology which have developed rapidly during the last decade.' The Ibis 'Avian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is now and will continue to be a valuable reference for biologists wanting to understand and research avian biology at a molecular level.' Gary Oxford, BioScience
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