Child and Adolescent Behavioural Problems: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Assessment and Intervention

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April 2000



Outlining the challenges of working in a multi-disciplinary context, this book provides key theoretical cocepts and describes how to conduct joint assessments and design, deliver and evaluate interventions. Taking a life-span approach to working with children of all ages from infant to adolescents, the key emphasis of the book is on the prevention of children's emotional and behavioural difficulties through effective interdisciplinary working.


List of tables and figures. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: The Challenges of Helping Children in a Multidisciplinary Context. Chapter 1: Children's emotional and behavioural difficulities: nature, prevalence and origins. Chapter 2: Multidisciplinary practice: the context and challenges of working together. Part II: Theory and Practice. Chapter 3: Key theoretical concepts. Chapter 4: Engaging with families: issues relevant to all disciplines. Part III: ASPIRE: A Process for Intervention. Chapter 5: Assessment of children's emotional and behavioural difficulities: a multidisciplinary approach. Chapter 6: Issues of planning, implementation, review and evaluation. Part IV: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Preventing Children's Difficulties. Chapter 7: Infants and their families: multidisciplinary approaches. Chapter 8: Toddlers and pre-school children: multidisciplinary approaches. Chapter 9: Children at their first schools: multidisciplinary approaches. Chapter 10: Children at their secondary schools: multidisciplinary approaches. Chapter 11: Young offenders: multidisciplinary approaches. Chapter 12: Summary of key ideas and ways forward. Appendices. References. Index.


"If doctors understood even a fraction of this book, they would be better able to communicate with their colleagues in psychology ans social work!"--Peter Campion, Family Practice, Vol 19, 2002
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