Global Revolt: A Guide to the Movements Against Globalization

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Juni 2005



"Direct Action" gives a short history of the worldwide anti-globalization movement and provides social activists with all they need to know about the key concepts and manifestos in this richly diverse mobilization of the people. It provides a veritable user's guide to the key debates going on in the movement and explains the array of tactics and actions people are using around the world to put pressure on the powerful in order to defeat free market capitalism and globalization. It emphasizes the political alternatives available and stresses the positive contribution activists can make.


Preface Introduction: Globalize This! PART I: IT DIDN'T START IN SEATTLE AND IT DIDN'T STOP ON 911 A History of Anti-Globalization PART II: MANIFESTOS AND CONCEPTS - WE DO KNOW WHAT WE ARE FOR! 1. Don't owe! Won't pay! Postcolonial radicalism in the global south 2. No borders! No nations! Stop deportations! Classical free trade theory confronts fortress Europe 3. Get rid of them all - the importance of argentina and anti-elitism 4. Back in black - what is anarchism? 5. Solidarite & specifismo - we are going to work together 6. Another world is possible - our confidence in alternatives 7. Anti-imperialism - anti-globalization since 9.11 PART III: DEBATES: THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! 8. The "anti-" 9. "Violence" 10. Pacific action 11. Consumption politics 12. Livelihood and subsistence perspective 13. Civil society 14. Vanguardism 15. Racism, fascism, and revolutionary paternalism 16. Reformism PART IV: TACTICS: SPOKES ONLY! 17. Action guidelines & diversity of tactics 18. Liberated phones & liberated zones: decommodification, DIY, and autonomia 19. Culture jamming 20. Direct action 21. White overalls & tute bianche: citizenship of the absurd 22. Pink bloc & tactical frivolity: why we dance 23. Black bloc & rage: property crime street theater 24. No cops, no cars, repetitive beats: reclaim the streets 25. Be the media! Conclusion: We Are Winning


Amory Starr teaches sociology at Chapman University, California. Her first book was Naming the Enemy: Anti-Corporate Social Movements Confront Globalization (Zed Books, 2000).


'A guidebook helps those who search. In a time of "infinite war", when we confront the infinite stupidity, lies and arrogance of power, we search for those values and practices that keep us true to our dreams and aspirations for another world. This book guides us into that search, and it does it beautifully. The diverse and colourful global revolt it portrays is where we find hope and creativity. The creations of the communities in struggle are also revolts that reclaim dignity.' - Massimo De Angelis, Editor of the Commoner 'This book is simultaneously exciting, heartfelt, and eloquent. It is the most coherent elaboration so far of globalization-praxis, and its arguments should be taken on board by activists and intellectuals who are serious about social change.' - Patrick Bond, University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society 'Illuminating and informative both for those already intimately aware of the scope and nature of the movement and for those not yet involved. A demystifying roadmap of the ideas and events which have shaped the movement.' - Robert Ross, civil rights attorney and environmental activist
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