Corporate Crime, Law, and Social Control

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November 2004



Why do corporations comply with the law? When companies violate the law, what kinds of interventions are most apt to return them to compliant status? The purpose of this book is to examine whether a shift toward the use of criminal law with its emphasis on punishment and stigmatization will be a successful crime control strategy. The author reviews whether current legal systems based in criminal, civil, and regulatory law "deter" corporate crime. She concludes that strict criminalization models that rely on punishments will not yield sufficiently high levels of compliance.


1. Criminalizing the corporate control process; 2. Deterrence in review; 3. Assessing the failure of corporate deterrence; 4. Corporate deterrence and civil justice; 5. Deterrence and regulatory justice; 6. Alternatives to criminalization: cooperative models of corporate compliance; 7. Why comply? Criminalization versus cooperation: an empirical test; 8. Shaping the contours of control.


"...this provocative book will stimulate readers to think about a wide range of issues in addition to the important question of deterrence that lies at its core." The Law and Politics Book Review
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