Charlotte Bronte and Victorian Psychology

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Charlotte Bront 's fiction is examined in the context of Victorian constructions of psychology, sexuality, and insanity.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Psychological Discourse in the Victorian Era: 1. The art of surveillance; 2. The Haworth context; 3. Insanity and selfhood; 4. Reading the mind: physiognomy and phrenology; 5. The female bodily economy; Part II. Charlotte Brontes Fiction: 6. The early writings: penetrating power; 7. The Professor: 'the art of self-control'; 8. Jane Eyre: 'lurid hieroglyphics'; 9. Shirley: bodies and markets; 10. Villette: 'the surveillance of a sleepless eye'; Conclusion; Notes; Index.


'Invokes primary sources to explode any persistent myths that Bronte lived in a cultural vacuum.' New Scientist 'An excellent, illuminating book.' Rick Rylance '[This] has made a major contribution to Bronte studies and indicated the way forward for further studies of Bronte's work within Victorian cultural debate.' Christine Alexander, Australasian Victorian Studies Journal 'An assured and original contributuion to the ever-expanding field of Bronte scholarship.' Anarchist Studies 'An impressive, densely-argued book.' Journal of Victorian Culture
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