Japanese Education Reform: Nakasone's Legacy

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Februar 2001



The Japanese education system has attracted increasing attention over the past 20 years, largely due to the belief that it has been central to Japan's economic growth. Many have felt, however that the system is stunted by an inability, or perhaps even on an incapacity, to change. This study challenges these contentions. It examines the reform policies implemented by Prime Minister Nakasone during the 1980s and argues that, not only has the system changed considerably as a result of Nakasone's work, but that it continues to do so. It analyses the key areas of the education reform debate, in particular internationalism, government control of education, increased liberalization and various social problems, and considers the degree to which response to them have been successful. This book will be of great interest to all those interested in the Japanese educational system.


1. Introduction 2. Background 3. Nakasone as number one 4. 'Healthy internationalism' 5. Traditionalism and control 6. 'Liberalisation' and 'privatisation' 7. The Individual 8. The Social Problems United and successful: final conclusions Glossary Notes Bibliography Index
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