An Introduction to Financial Markets and Institutions

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Februar 2002



This text contains the strengths of the authors' money and banking text: they bring in a historical and evolutionary perspective, provide a global emphasis where appropriate, and cover all the topics common to traditional markets and institutions texts. In addition, they emphasize a flow-of-funds perspective and the text ends with a section on monetary policy. The text provides balanced coverage of the theories, policies, and institutions in a conversational style, avoiding complex models and high level mathematics, making it a student-friendly text with many unique features that offer additional explanation of concepts, analyses, and historical background. The text emphasizes how structural change, globalization, innovation, and technology affect the financial environment, with attention to how and why institutions and markets evolve.


PART I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Introduction and Overview. 2. Money: A Unique Financial Instrument. 3. Financial Markets, Instruments, and Market Makers. 4. The Federal Reserve System. PART II. FINANCIAL PRICES. 5. Interest Rates and Bond Prices. 6. The Structure of Interest Rates. 7. Market Efficiency. 8. How Exchange Rates are Determined. PART III. FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTRUMENTS. 9. The Money Market. 10. The Corporate and Government Bond Markets. 11. The Stock Market. 12. The Mortgage Market. 13. The International Financial System. PART IV. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. 14. An Introduction to Financial Intermediaries and Risk. 15. Commercial Banking Structure, Regulation, and Performance. 16. Savings Associations and Credit Unions. 17. Regulation of the Banking and Financial Services Industry. 18. Insurance Companies. 19. Pension Plans and Finance Companies. 20. Securities Firms, Mutual Funds, and Financial Conglomerates. PART V. MANAGING FINANCIAL RISK. 21. Risk Assessment and Management. 22. Forward, Futures, and Options Agreements. 23. Asset-Backed Securities, Interest-Rate Agreements, and Currency Swaps. PART VI. MONETARY POLICY. 24. Monetary Policy and the Financial System. 25. Monetary Policy in a Globalized Financial System.
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