European Review of Social Psychology

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The European Review of Social Psychology is an annual series that reflects the dynamism of social psychology in Europe and has been widely accepted as one of the most important international series in social psychology. The series is open to authors from all nations and its primary purpose is to further the international exchange of ideas by providing an outlet for substantial accounts of theoretical and empirical work. With the help of an editorial board consisting of senior scholars from various European countries, Australasia and North America, the editors invite outstanding researchers to contribute to these volumes. Invitations are based either on suggestions from editorial board members or made in response to proposals submitted to the editors. The emphasis of these contributions is on critical assessment of major areas of research and of substantial individual programmes of research as well as on topics and initiatives of contemporary interest and originality.


J. Forster, N. Liberman, A Motivational Model of Post-suppressional Rebound. J.W. van Prooijen, K. van den Bos, H.A.M. Wilke, The Role of Standing in the Psychology of Procedural Justice: Toward Theoretical Integration. S. Sturmer, B. Simon, Collective Action: Towards a Dual-path Model. A. Aron, T. M.-Volpe, D. Mashek, G. Lewandowski, S.C. Wright, E.N. Aron, Including Others in the Self. J. Crocker, R.K. Luhtanen, S.R. Sommers, Contingencies of Self-worth. B. Gawronski, Theory-based Bias Correction in Dispositional Inference: The Fundamental Attribution Error is Dead, Long Live the Correspondence Bias. M. Wenzel, A Social Categorisation Approach to Distributive Justice. S. Demoulin, R. R. Torres, A.R. Perez, J. Vaes, M.P. Paladino, R. Gaunt, B.C. Pozo, J.-P. Leyens, Emotional Prejudice can Lead to Infra-humanisation. B. Hannover, U. Kuhnen, Culture, Context and Cognition: The Semantic-procedural-interface Model of Self.
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