Old Clothes, New Looks: Second-Hand Fashion

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April 2005



Second-hand fashion has a history as old as the production of clothing itself, but until recently it was given little consideration. Used clothes represent the largest numbers of existing garments but until recently they were not perceived as serious fashion items. However, this has changed dramatically with the rise of vintage web sites, value clothing chains, and the fashion media's perpetuation of the idea that secondhand clothes can be recycled into avant-garde "cool." This book not only shows how important used clothing has become but also what role it plays in culture and history. The Japanese, for example, traditionally salvage sections of kimonos, while in India garments are inexhaustibly recycled. This cross-cultural and historical perspective fills a major gap by offering fresh insights into the innovative use of secondhand dress and age-old traditions of recycling fashion.


Introduction - Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada and Hazel Clark, Parsons School of Design Historical Perspectives Introduction - Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum and Hazel Clark, Parsons School of Design The Florentine Arigattieri: Second Hand Clothing Dealers and the Circulation of Goods in the Renaissance - Carole Collier Frick, Southern Illinois University Shifting Currency: the Culture and Economy of the Second Hand Trade in England, c. 1600-1850 - Beverly Lemire, University of New Brunswick, Canada Cast Offs: Civilization, Charity or Commerce? Aspects of Second Hand Clothing Use in Australia - Margot Riley, Independent Scholar Second Hand Silk Kimono Migrating Across Borders - Terry Satsuki Milhaupt, Independent Researcher Parcels from America: American Clothes in Ireland, c. 1930 - 1980 - Hilary O'Kelly, National College of Art and Design, Dublin Trading Cultures Introduction - Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontarion Museum and Hazel Clark, Parsons School of Art and Design Crafting Appearances: The Second Hand Clothing Trade and Dress Practices in Zambia - Karen Tranberg Hansen, Northwestern University Creative Entrepreneurs: The Recycling of Second Hand Indian Clothing - Lucy Norris, University College London Ukay-Ukay@ Chic: Tales of Second Hand Clothing in the Philippine Cordillera - Lynne Milgram, Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada Second Hand Fashion, Culture and Identity in Hong Kong - Hazel Clark, Parsons Scool of Art and Design Contemporary Re-Fashioning Introduction - Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum and Hazel Clark, Parsons School of Art and Design Sixties Dress Only! The Consumption of the Past in a Retro Scene - Heike Jen, Dortmund University, Germany Vintage Whores and Vintage Virgins: Second Hand Fashion in the 21st Century - Alexandra Palmer, Royal Ontario Museum Working the Edge: XULY.Bt=s Recycled Clothing - Victoria Rovine


Alexandra Palmer is the Nora E. Vaughan Fashion Costume Curator, in the Textile and Costume Section at the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada. She is also adjunct faculty in the Graduate Programme in Art History, York University. Hazel Clark is Chair, Department of Critical Studies, Parsons School of Design.

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