A Defense of Hume on Miracles

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"Fogelin's defense of Hume on miracles is both engaging and illuminating. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in Hume or in the topic of testimonial evidence for miracles."--Don Garrett, New York University
"We are very much in need of Fogelin's response to the recent abuse heaped on Hume's argument. His book is elegant without being imprecise, well argued without being overly complex, and a pleasure to read."--David Owen, University of Arizona


Preface xi Abbreviations xiii INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER 1. The Structur of Hume's Argument 4 CHAPTER 2. Two Recent Critics 32 CHAPTER 3. The Place of "Of Miracles" in Hume's Philosophy 54 APPENDIX 1. Hume's Curious Relationship to Tillotson 63 APPENDIX 2. "Of Miracles" 68 Notes 89 References 95 Index 97


Robert J. Fogelin is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and the Sherman Fairchild Professor in the Humanities at Dartmouth College. His previous books include "Wittgenstein, Hume's Skepticism", and "Pyrrhonian Reflections on Knowledge and Justification".


This book provides a subtle reading of Hume; it is both engaging and well argued; and, it makes a useful addition to the recent literature concerning both Hume's argument and testimony in general.
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