Baring Our Souls: TV Talk Shows and the Religion of Recovery

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Dezember 1999



Television talk shows are a modern phenomenon, but their roots go back to the itinerant circuses and religious revivals of the nineteenth century. Circuses made their money by displaying freaks, just as talk shows emphasie only the deviant aspects of their guests lives. And like the revivalists of old, talk show hosts such as Oprah Winfrey and Montel Williams attempt to convert their guests through healing powers. Baring Our Souls probes the roots of the genre in the religion of recovery, and holds it up to the scrutiny of sociological inquiry. Lowney examines the consequences for public discourse about social problems when the media usurp the dialogue by psychologiing the social. This will be a welcome supplementary text in courses in social problems, media, and civil religion.


New wine, old wine-skins - talk shows as a genre; telling tales - testifying to trials and tribulations; breaking with the past - the moment of conversion; recovery rules - the beliefs of recovery religion; from whence cometh "salvation"? - the roots of recovery religion; morality for whom? - problems with recovery religion as moral code and public discourse.
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