Peeling Potatoes, Painting Pictures: Women Artists in Post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia

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Juni 2001



How do women artists in Russia, Estonia, and Latvia view themselves in the post-Soviet era? What is their relationship to feminism and how has that relationship changed following the fall of the Soviet regime?Having conducted over sixty interviews between 1995 and 1998, Renee Baigell and Matthew Baigell explore in this volume these women's difficulties of pursuing an art career in a male-dominated society, and the attitudes of their male counterparts toward feminist concerns.The artists interviewed -- some born as early as the 1920s, others as recently as the 1970s -- discuss their private lives and situations, as well as specific works of art. They reveal a wide range of attitudes and a complex relationship with a feminist movement often regarded as an alien import from the West. Gender issues in art school, parental attitudes toward the prospect of their daughters becoming artists, the demands and strains of career and family life, and questions regarding a female approach to imagery are among the topics raised, as are these artists' hopes and dreams for the future. This book also includes a brief chronology of pertinent art exhibitions during the 1990s.Readers will both gain a new perspective on universal issues facing women artists worldwide, as well as comprehend, with fresh appreciation, the relative freedom enjoyed by female artists in the West.


RENEE BAIGELL has taught in the English department and comparative literature program at Rutgers University. MATTHEW BAIGELL is the author of Jewish-American Artists and the Holocaust (Rutgers University Press), he is a professor of art history, also at Rutgers University, together, they have written Soviet Dissident Artists; Interviews after Perestroika (Rutgers University Press).

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