Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and American Song

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Oktober 2002



Smith probes the songwriters' lives and work to reveal how two distinct, equally significant artists have learned from and contributed to an ongoing and important American musical tradition.


Preface; Introduction; Bob Dylan; Introduction; The Artist; The Impulse; The Oeuvre; The Exemplars; Bruce Springsteen; The Artist; The Impulse; The Oeuvre; The Exemplars; Hammond's Folly, Revisited; References; Index.


Larry David Smith is an independent writer and lecturer who specializes in narrative critiques of popular media. His previous works include Pete Townshend: The Minstrel's Dilemma (Praeger, 1999).


?Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, And American Song is a combination dual biography and musical critique of two great and much beloved modern-day American songwriters and performers. Their distinct flavors, creative drives, and musical works are discussed in detail and contrasted in depth throughout the pages of this respectful, informative, and thoughtfully presented commentary. Simply put, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, And American Song is "must" reading for the legions of Dylan and Springsteen fans, and a very highly recommended addition to academic and community library American Music History collections.?-Wisconsin Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review
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