Big Brother and the National Reading Curriculum: How Ideology Trumped Evidence

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September 2002



In this timely and important book, nationally-recognized reading researcher Richard Allington tracks and questions the 30-year campaign that has focused on testing, accountability, and federalization of education.


Introduction: Big Brother and the National Reading Curriculum I. Troubling Times: A Short Historical Perspective, R. Allington 1. Unreliable Evidence: Responses to the National Reading Panel Reports 2. The National Reading Panel Report [A Review], J. Cunningham 3. Why the National Reading Panel's Recommendations Are Not Enough, M. Pressley, S. Dolezal, A. Roehrig, & K. Hilden 4. Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors: A Critique of the National Reading Panel Report on Phonics, E. Garan 5. More Smoke and Mirrors: A Critique of the National Reading Panel Report on Fluency, S. Krashen 6. Babes in the Woods: The Wanderings of the National Reading Panel, J. Yatvin 7. Can Teachers and Policy Makers Learn to Talk to One Another? C. Toll II. Politics, Policies, and Profits: The Political Context of the National Reports 8. The Politics of Phonics, F. Paterson 9. Decodable Text in Beginning Reading: Are Mandates Based on Research? R. Allington & H. Woodside-Jiron 10. Explicit and Systematic Teaching of Reading - A New Slogan? B. Cambourne 11. The Will of the People, J. Edmondson & P. Shannon Conclusion: An Unwanted Intrusion: The Evidence Against the National Reading Plan 12. Accelerating in the Wrong Direction: Why Thirty Years of Federal Testing and Accountability Haven't Worked Yet and What We Might Do Instead, R. Allington 13. Why We Don't Need a National Methodology, R. Allington
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