Daily Life in Renaissance Italy

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September 2001



Discover what life was like for ordinary people living in Renaissance Italy. How was their society organized? What were their homes like? What dangers did they face? These and other questions are answered in detail to provide the reader with a unique view of the world of the Italian Renaissance. A multitude of settings and socioeconomic backgrounds are presented, from urban life to country life, from upper-class to peasant-class, to paint a full portrait of the different existence of the people of this culture.


-- Italy in the Renaissance -- Society: Who Was Who -- Dangers -- Family and Other Solidarities -- Hierarchies -- Moralities: Honor and Religion -- Keeping Order -- Media, Literacy, and Schooling -- Spaces -- Time -- Life Cycles: From Birth Through Adolescence -- Life Cycles: From Marriage Through Death -- Houses, Food, and Clothing -- Disease and Healing -- Work -- Play -- Last Words -- Notes -- Resources and Bibliography


"Clearly written as a textbook for undergraduates in renaissance survey classes, this volume fits that niche well and also offers a suggestive overview of the current state of scholarship on everyday life in renaissance Italy....[t]his textbook is on cutting edge of exciting new knowlage....[t]he everyday world that they present is at once alien and familiar, strange, and exciting. Students should find this book an intriguingly different perspective on the Italian renaissance."-Journal of Social History
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