Light Alloys

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September 1998



Light Alloys Directory and Databook is a world-wide directory of the properties and suppliers of light alloys used in, or proposed for, numerous engineering applications. Alloys covered will include aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, titanium alloys, beryllium. For the metals considered each section will consist of: a short introduction; a table comparing basic data and a series of comparison sheets. The book will adopt standardised data in order to help the reader in finding and comparing different materials and identifying the required information. All comparison sheets are cross-referenced, so that the user will be able to locate data on a specific product or compare properties easily. The book is designed to complement the existing publications on high performance materials.


Preface. Review. Trade name index. Manufacturers and products. Manufacturers' agents and subsidiaries. Other useful addresses. Glossary. Conversion units. Late entries. List of advertisers. Appendix. Index.
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