Solving Polynomial Equation Systems II: Macaulay's Paradigm and Grobner Technology

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A complete survey of Grö bner bases and their applications, this book will be essential for all workers in commutative algebra, computational algebra and algebraic geometry. The second volume of the treatise focuses on Buchberger theory and its application to the algorithmic view of commutative algebra. In distinction to other works, the presentation is based on the intrinsic linear algebra structure of Grö bner bases, making this a state-of-the-art reference on issues of implementation.


Preface; Part III. Gauss, Euclid, Buchberger - Elementary Grobner Bases: 20. Hilbert; 21. Gauss; 22. Buchberger; 23. Macaulay I; 24. Grobner I; 25. Gebauer and Traverso; 26. Spear; Part IV. Duality: 27. Noether; 28. Moller I; 29. Lazard; 30. Macaulay II; 31. Grobner II; 32. Grobner III; 33. Moller II; Part IV. Beyond Dimension Zero: 34. Grobner IV; 35. Gianni Trager Zacharias; 36. Macaulay III; 37. Galligo; 38. Giusti; Bibliography; Index.


'The author treats all relevant steps and results in great detail also including advanced and most recent developments respectively, both of the theoretical and the algorithmic side ... an abundance of worked out examples shows the effectivity of the various algorithms.' Monatshefte fur Mathematik
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