The Wto and Global Convergence in Telecommunications and Audio-Visual Services

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Juli 2004



This collection of essays consolidates research on the current and future perspectives of international trade law, applicable to telecommunications services and audiovisual services in a context of convergence. The first part analyzes the current regulatory framework applicable to telecommunications services in the context of the WTO. The second part analyzes the current regulatory framework applicable to audiovisual services. Particular focus is on the impact of content regulation and network convergence on international trade rules.


List of contributors; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Part I. Introduction: Damien Geradin and David Luff; Part II. International Regulation of Telecommunications Services: 2. Telecommunications and audio-visual services in the context of the WTO: today and tomorrow Kelly Cameron; 3. Current international trade rules relevant to telecommunications services David Luff; 4. Accounting rates, cross-border services, and the next WTO round on basic telecommunications services Peter Cowhey; 5. Reforming international accounting rates: a developing country perspective Boutheina Guermazi; 6. A review of the mechanisms provided by the WTO to prevent anticompetitive practices in telecommunications Damien Geradin and Michel Kerf; Part III. International Regulation of Audiovisual Services: 7. Audiovisual policy: the stumbling block of trade liberalisation Christoph-Beat Graber; 8. Content regulation in the audiovisual sector and the WTO Ivan Bernier; 9. International regulation of audiovisual services: networks, allocation of scarce resources and terminal equipment David Luff; 10. Lack of clear regulatory framework on safeguards, government procurement and subsidies Jean-Francois Bellis; Part IV. Towards Convergence?: 11. Convergence: a reality check Milton L. Mueller; 13. Whither convergence: legal, regulatory and trade opportunism in telecommunications Robert Frieden; 14. Audiovisual and telecommunications services - a review of definitions under WTO law Paul Nihoul; 15. Dealing with convergence at the international level Pierre Larouche; 16. Overcoming the three digital divides Eli Noam.


Professor of Law at the University of Liege and the College of Europe, Bruges. Partner in Law Firm in Brussels.


'... the standard is high and the editors should be commended. ... the book is thought-provoking and thorough in its examination of an important area of international law.' Computer and Telecommunications Law Review
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