Troubled Neighbors: The Story of Us-Latin American Relations from FDR to the Present

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Februar 2005



A straightforward history of US foreign relations with Latin America, conveniently organized in chapters devoted to each administration from FDR till now.


* 1 Introduction * 2 The Past as Prologue: The Old Worlds Vision of the New * 3 Convergence: The Roosevelt Era * 4 Transition: Harry S. Truman * 5 The Eisenhower Era * 6 John F. Kennedy * 7 Lyndon Baines Johnson * 8 Richard Milhous Nixon * 9 Gerald Ford * 10 Jimmy Carter * 11 The Reagan Era: A Chronicle of an Administration Foretold * 12 George Bush: Return to Pragmatism * 13 Bill Clinton and the Politics of Trade * 14 Epilogue * Index


Henry Raymont is a syndicated columnist for numerous Latin American newspapers and periodicals, including El Panama America (Panama), O Estado (Sao Paulo, Brazil), La Nacion (Buenos Aires), and Reforma (Mexico). He has been a journalist covering Latin America since the 1950s, including 18 years with UPI and 12 years with The New York Times. Alejandro Orfila, the Organization of American States Secretary General and former Argentine ambassador to Washington, appointed him as the Director of Cultural Affairs at the OAS. Henry Raymont currently holds a chair as visiting professor at the Freie Universitaet, Berlin.
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