Gertrude Stein and the Essence of What Happens

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Januar 2005



This provocative study traces Gertrude Steins career-long fascination with conversation and its cumulative impact on her writing. Dana Cairns Watson shows that while Stein recognized the role of language in oppressive social structures, she also insisted that individual free will could persist in language, especially in the give-and-take of everyday discourse, and thus enable change. The playful entanglement of silent reading and social speaking in Steins works reveals how seemingly casual small talk becomes a most telling index of truth, especially during the Vichy war years.


Dana Cairns Watson has taught American literature and English composition at Middlebury College, Santa Monica College, and the University of California, Los Angeles. She has written on Tim O'Brien, Barbara Kingsolver, Paule Marshall, and Alice Munro.


"Through a series of close readings, Dana Cairns Watson argues convincingly for the centrality of conversation in Gertrude Stein's work. More importantly, Watson places Stein's interest in and use of conversation in the context of intellectual and literary history and concludes that Stein models, advocates, and potentially instigates a political and social reshaping of American character and thought. Thus, Watson's book is a timely corrective to claims that Stein was at best an apolitical naif and at worst a fascist sympathizer." - Jane P. Bowers, Ph.D. Director of Academic Affairs CUNY Honors College: University Scholars Program"
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