Uzbekistan and the United States: Authoritarianism, Islamism and Washington's Security Agenda

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Februar 2005



Uzbekistan, the most strategically situated Central Asian country, has exhibited the most appalling record on human rights and democratic reforms. Yet, post-September 11, a transformation in US policy has suddenly taken place. US troops are now stationed there; Washington has put the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan on its list of terrorist organizations; and the Bush administration has promised to triple aid to President Karimov's highly authoritarian regime. This unique study explores the centrally important question from a longer-term Uzbek point of view: to what extent are closer ties between Washington and Tashkent contributing to political reforms inside Uzbekistan? Akbarzadeh describes political events since independence, including the emergence of a radical Islamic opposition. He analyzes how September 11 has catalyzed a transformation in Washington's attitude as it perceived a common Islamic enemy, and he examines the possible beginnings in a retreat from Soviet-style politics.


Acknowledgements; Chronology; Map of Uzbekistan; Foreword by Yaacov Ro'i; 1. From Soviet to Post-Soviet Authoritarianism; Leadership; Islam; 2.. Islamic Challenge; Emerging Islamism; Resurgence of Islamic radicalism; 3. Tashkent's Foreign Policy Decisions; Responding to the Tajik Civil War; Afghanistan; Seeking International support; Conclusion; 4. Uzbekistan and the United States: A Difficult Relationship; Uzbek Overtures; The US Response; Winds of Change; Conclusion; 5. September 11 and the 'War on Terror'; US-Uzbek Partnership; Handling Russian Concerns; Conclusion; 6. Human Rights and Democracy; Political Parties; Human Rights and NGOs; Political Prisoners and Torture; Freedom of Expression; Conclusion; 7.Prospects for Authoritarian Withdrawal; Postscript; Appendix A The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Appendix B Extracts from the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Question of Torture; Appendix C The Call to Jihad by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan; Select Bibliography; Index


Dr Shahram Akbarzadeh lectures in global politics at Monash University, Australia. He has researched and published on Central Asian affairs for a decade. He co-authored the Historical Dictionary of Tajikistan (Scarecrow Press, 2002) and co-edited Islam and Political Legitimacy (Routledge/Curzon, 2003).
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