The ABC Complete Book of School Surveys

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Februar 2001



Are you interested in what your community's parents really think about your school? Educators want to have public opinion on their side, and the first step in making that happen is to accurately assess the current population. This workbook will help you do just that--in a step-by-step guide to constructing and conducting a survey in your school district.


Chapter 1 Introduction: The whys and why nots of school surveys Part 2 The Eighteen Essential Steps Chapter 3 Decide what you want to learn from the survey Chapter 4 Determine if you really need to do a survey Chapter 5 Determine the target audience for the survey Chapter 6 Determine the type of survey method Chapter 7 Determine the level of confidence Chapter 8 Develop a survey timeline Chapter 9 List the resources needed Chapter 10 Draw the sample Chapter 11 Outline content areas / draft questions Chapter 12 Refine wording / design questionnaire format Chapter 13 Pretest the questionnaire Chapter 14 Develop the final questionnaire Chapter 15 Recruit and train interviewers Chapter 16 Administer the survey Chapter 17 Tabulate the data Chapter 18 Analyze the results Chapter 19 Report the new knowledge Chapter 20 Use the results Chapter 21 Glossary of survey terms Chapter 22 Commonly asked questions Chapter 23 Appendix of surveys: community, parent, staff, pre-election
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