Empowerment Practice with Families in Distress

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Februar 2005



For more than 150 years, empowering practices have been used by social workers in their work with families, but the techniques of today differ significantly from those of the pioneers or even from those of a few years ago. Today's practitioners recognize that empowering others is impossible; social workers can, however, assist others as they empower themselves. This book integrates time-honored approaches with today's more modest goals, mindful of what empowerment can and cannot do. Synthesizing several theoretical supports& mdash;the strengths perspective, system theory, theories of family well-being, and theories of coping& mdash;the author responds to the question "What works?" with today's families in need. Practice illustrations are provided throughout to bring concepts to life and, more important, to present families describing their own experiences with achieving empowerment.


Part I. A Family-Centered Empowerment Framework1. Empowerment Then and Now2. Seeing Families Through an Empowerment Lens
Part II. Three Family Profiles: The Journey from Oppression to Empowerment3. The Laurencio-Smith Family: Our Differences Saved Us4. The Williams Family: New Lives Beyond Incest5. The Brown-Wiley Family: Homeless No More
Part III. Helping Families6. The Phases and Actions of Empowering Practice
Part IV. A Closer Look at Families WITH Their Communities7. Empowering Families with Community Resources8. Supporting Theories that Empower Social WorkerñFamily TransactionsAppendix A. Cross-Cultural Counseling Competencies: A Conceptual FrameworkAppendix B. The Family Power Analysis


Judith Bula Wise


"This volume adds to the discourse of empowerment practice with families." -- Raymond Rodriguez, Social Work with Groups
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