Contested Cities in the Modern West

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April 2004



Cities are close-knit communities. When rival ethnic groups develop which refuse to concede predominance, deep conflicts may occur. Some have been managed peacefully, as in Brussels and Montreal. Other cases, such as Danzig/Gdansk and Trieste have, more or less forcefully, been resolved in favour of one of the parties. In further cases, such as Belfast and Jerusalem, protracted violence has not delivered a solution. Contested Cities in the Modern West examines the roles of international interventions, state policies and social processes in influencing such situations, with particular reference to the above cases.


Contested Cities: Social Change, State Action and International Intervention Surrender: From Danzig to Gdansk Resistance: The Survival of Italian Trieste Peaceful Reconquest: Montreal Peaceful Contest: Brussels The Failure of the Chronic Violence: Belfast The Failure of Acute Violence: Jerusalem Conclusion Bibliography


A.C. HEPBURN is Professor of History at the University of Sunderland and Associate Director of the AHRB Centre for North East England History. He has also taught at the University of Ulster, Queen's University Belfast and the University of Tennessee. His recent books include A Past Apart: Studies in the History of Catholic Belfast (1996) and Ireland 1905-25 (1998).

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