Insects and Human Life

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What is the cultural importance of insects? Why do we spend a good deal of time and money in the West trying to exterminate insects? How are human-insect relations far more subtle in other societies? From bathtub-invaders to protein-source, insects play a multi-faceted role that has not previously been recognized. To investigate this fully, Brian Morris spent years in Malawi. Here, as in many tropical regions, insects have a profound impact on agriculture, the household, disease, and hence on oral literature, music, art, folklore, recreation, and religion. Much of the complexity of human-insect relations rests on paradox: insects may represent the source of contagion, but are also integral to many folk remedies. Weaving science with personal observations, Morris demonstrates an intimate knowledge of virtually every aspect of human-insect relations. It is the first study of this uncharted territory--the insect world that surrounds us and how we relate to it.


Folk Classification of Insects * Insects as Food * Bees and Bee-Keeping * Insects and Agriculture * Household Pests and Locust Swarms * Insects and Disease * Cultural Entomology * Appendix: Insect Life of Malawi


Brian Morris is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Goldsmiths College, University of London


'For social anthropology, this book has the comparative advantage over other monographs dealing with people of the Maravi-cluster and beyond as Morris uses the interface with natural empirical sciences and draws comparative examples from other parts of the world whenever available and accessible... Morris enriches not only the literature on Malawi, but the international debate on how to understand the life of human beings whose struggle for survival is still very much determined and dependent on how they interact with the natural world.'Zeitschrift fur Ethnologie'Brian Morris brings to this work his lifelong experience of Malawian fauna and ethnography, together with enviable skills as a tireless field naturalist and consummate ethnographer. Simultaneously the iconoclast and extoller of the virtues of sound empiricism, Morris provides us here with a comprehensive, innovative and fascinating account of the connections between culturally embedded insect knowledge in Malawi and the
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