Social Theory and the Global Environment

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Juli 1994



This book marks a watershed in the social sciences. The qualitative, critical perspective of sociology and allied disciplines challenges the technocentric managerialism' which dominates environmental policy, its discourse and its impact. The authors explore the relationship between social theory and sustainability in an attempt to transend technical rhetoric and embrace a broader understanding of nature'.


"Many who have labored as social scientists in environmental fields might have hoped that by 1995 the importance of multidisciplinary, if not interdisciplinary, perspectives would be apparent."
"This book is an attempt to situate social theory at the center of emerging debates about the global environment. This, is, of course, an extremely useful and timely project.... which demonstrates that theorizing nature from the social sciences must truly be interdisciplinary.."
-"Growth and Change
"The editors show....that the absence of an interdisciplinary perspective hinders essential understanding of the nature/society relationships."
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