Death and Philosophy

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Death and Philosophy considers these questions with different perspectives varying from the existentialist - deriving from Camus, Heidegger or Sartre, to the English speaking analytic tradition of Bernard Williams or Thomas Nagel; to non-wester approaches such as are exemplified in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and in Daoist thought; to perspectives influenced by Lucretious, Epicurus and Nietzsche.
Death and Philosophy will be of great interest to philosphers, or those studying religion and theology, buts its clarity and scope ensures it will be accessible to anyone who has considered what it means to be mortal.


Table of Contents. 1.Death and Philosphy: Introduction, Jeff Malpas and Robert C. Solomon 2.My Death, Tem Horwitz 3.Against Death, Reinhard Steiner 4.On the Purported Insignificance of Death, Ivan Soll 5.Death and the Skeleton,Kathleen Higgins 6.Death: The Baid Scenario, Betty S Flowers 7.Death as Transformation in Classical Daoism, Roger Ames 8.Death and Enlightenment, Robert Wicks 9.Death and Detachment, Graham Parkes 10.Death and Metaphysics, Peter Kraus 11.Death and Authenticity, Julien Young 12.Death and the Unity of a Life, Jeff Malpas 13.The Antinomy of Death, Peter Loptson 14.Death Fetishism, Morbid Solipsism, Roberts C. Solomon.


..."a nice mix of delightful, provocative, well researched, and well written reflections on a subject greater than which non can be conceived."
-"Philosophy in Review
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