Strategies for Active Citizenship

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Juni 2004



For Student Success and Career Development courses, Orientation courses, introductory Political Science courses, and Citizenship or Sociology courses.
This exciting, timely new text demystifies the area of citizen engagement in the democratic process and extends student success into life and civic success. Carefully arranged to lead learners through a process of self-awareness, skills-building, and strategic action, it covers such topics as self-definition of values, writing, reading, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication for effective leadership. Citizenship is presented in an enthusiastic and positive light throughout the text; real-world vignettes of contemporary social change leaders introduce student success topics with applications beyond that of just the classroom, extending into community involvement and empowering students to improve society-at-large.


(NOTE: Each chapter ends with an Applications section.) 1. Self-Awareness and Active Citizenship. Determining Values. Translating Values and Motivation into Goals. Choosing Where and How to Engage as Citizens. 2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for Social Issues. Critical Thinking. Problem Solving. 3. Resource Management for Active Citizenship. Time Management. Financial Management. Personal Resource Management. 4. Action Strategies and Project Management. Creating an Action Strategy. Staying on Track. Sample Action Plan. Project Management. 5. Skills for Civic Education. Reading and Comprehension. Note-Taking. Researching. Writing. 6. Communications and Teamwork. Basics of Communication. Effecting Change Through Communication. Effective Teams. 7. Leadership and Change. Change Through Systems Thinking. Leadership Qualities. Characteristics of Change. Problem-Solving Styles. Creating the Environment for Change. 8. American Democracy and Government Structure. Founding Documents. Separation of Powers. Voting and the Electoral Process. Members of Congress (MoC). How a Bill Becomes Law. Advocacy and Lobbying. Creating Sustainable Citizenship. References. Index.


"...It also fosters the belief that the individual has the power to change the system and society..." - Linda Saumell, Ph.D., Miami Dade College "I am very enthusiastic about the concept of this text and believe it is the 'next step' in the 'student engagement' efforts across the country..." - Daniel J. Cook-Huffman, Juniate College
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