If P, Then Q

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Dezember 2002



This new edition includes three new chapters, updating the book to take into account developments in the field over the past fifteen years.


David Sanford is Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, North Carolina, USA.


'If Then Q is recommended reading for all who want to work in this suprisingly rich field.' - Australasian Journal of Philosophy; 'Some delightfully insightful comments on the probability account of conditionals, on the Ramsey test, and especially on possible world semantics... it also provides a healthy dose of humbling realism.' - Journal of Philosophy of Science; 'Undergraduates will find the book useful as a resource. It covers a lot of ground mentioning most of the issues and positions that need to be addressed in a course on conditionals over the years. This is a good place to learn about conditionals or to have one's ideas about them challenged.' - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic; 'A useful starting point for a course on conditionals. The introductions to the issues are clear and well-illustrated with examples.' - Dialogue 'I can recommend Sanford's book as a throughly well-informed, intelligent and original contribution to the field.' - Philosophical Books
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