Augustine and Modernity

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"Augustine and Modernity" is a fresh and challenging addition to current debates on the 'continuity theory' Michael Hanby reveals the modern concept of will that emerges in Descartes' work as the product of a conception of self more proper to Stoic theories of immanence than to Augustine's own rigorous understandings of the Trinity, creation, self and will. Though Augustine's encounter with Stoicism ultimately resulted in much of his teaching being transferred to Descartes and other modern thinkers in an adulterated form, Hanby draws critical attention to Augustine's own disillusionment with Stoicism and his interrogation of Stoic philosophy in the name of Christ and the Trinity. Representative of a new school of theology willing to engage critically with other disciplines and to challenge their authority, "Augustine and" "Modernity" offers a comprehensive new interpretation of De Trinitate and of Augustinian concepts of will and soul. Revealing how much of what is now thought of as 'Augustinian' in fact has its genealogy in Stoic asceticism, it interprets the modern nihilistic Cartesian subject not as a logical consequence of a true Christian Trinitarian theology, but rather of its perversion and abandonment.


Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Thinking with and about Augustine 1. A grim paternity? 2. De Trinitate and the aesthetics of salvation 3. Christology, cosmology and the mechanics of grace 4. The subtle triumph of Pelagianism 5. An Augustinian parody: Dexcartes and modern stoicism Postcript: Modernity in Augustinian hindsight Notes Primary sources and translations Index


"At his best...Hanby is capable of stunningly beautiful evocations of Augustine's theology."
-"Modern Theology
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