Complete Scattering Experiments

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April 2001



The Hans Kleinpoppen Symposium on "Complete Scattering Experiments" th was held in honor of Hans Kleinpoppen's 70 birthday. It took place in Il Ciocco, Italy. The symposium had two purposes: to present the work that Hans Kleinpoppen has done or initiated during his remarkable scientific career, and to bring people from various fields together who perform complete scattering experiments. Hans Kleinpoppen's work included electron and photon impact experiments which were accompanied by studies of entangled states - a field of high current interest. Representatives from each of these fields gave excellent lectures on their particular subjects, and many discussions that started during the sessions were continued later in the relaxed atmosphere of the Il Ciocco resort. The breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape will be an unforg- table memory to all who participated in this extraordinary scientific event. The coherent and ideal combination of subject, people and location reflected the coherence of Hans Kleinpoppen's aims and activities in science and life. We offer our grateful thanks to all contributers who made this volume such a worthy tribute to Hans Kleinpoppen. We also like to thank Rainer Hentges for the painstaking work to prepare this volume in its complete ready to print version. We are also grateful to the Royal Society of London and the Max- Planck-Gesellschaft who generous support of the Hans Kleinpoppen sym- sium made this marvelous meeting and this proceedings possible.


1. A `laudatio' for Professor Hans Kleinpoppen; J. Williams, R. Hippler. Part I: Electron Scattering. 2. Complete Experiments in Electron-Atom Collisions - Benchmarks for Atomic Collision Theory; K. Bartschat. 3. Differential Cross Section and Spin Asymmetries for Collisions between Electrons and Oriented Chiral Molecules; A. Busalla, M. Musigmann, K. Blum, D.G. Thompson. 4. Towards a Complete Experiment for Auger Decay. A.N. Grum-Grzhimailo, A. Dorn, W. Mehlhorn. 5. The Transfer of Angular Momentum for Electron-Atom Collision Processes Involving Inclastically Excited S-->P and P-->S Transitions; M. Shurgalin, A.J. Murray, W.R. MacGillivray, M.C. Standage. Part II: Photon Impact. 6. Complete Photoionizatoin Experiments Using Polarized Atoms; G. Prümper, B. Zimmermann, U. Becker, H. Kleinpoppen. 7. On the Contribution of Photoelectron Auger Electron Coincidence Spectrometry to Complete Photoionization Studies; N. Scherer, S.J. Schaphorst, V. Schmidt 8. Complete Experiments in Molecular Photoionization; N.A. Cherepkov. Part III: Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiments. 9. Experimental Tests of Bell's Inequalities with Correlated Photons; A. Aspect. 10. Polarization and coherence analysis of the optical two-photon radiation from the Metastable 22S1/2 state of atomic Hydrogen; A.J. Duncan, H. Kleinkoppen, Z.A. Sheikh. 11. Quantum-State Transmission via Quantum Teleportation; D. Bouwmeester, Jian-Wei Pan, H. Weinfurter, A. Zeilinger. Index.
RIB39783540406587_iverz.txt#p>Advanced Materials

Bica D, Vékás L, Avdeev M V, Balasoiu M, Marinica O, Stoian F D, Susan-Resiga D: Magnetizable Colloids on Strongly Polar Carriers- Preparation and Manifold Characterization

Hegyi J, Horváth O: Photocatalytic Reduction of Mercury(II) and Simultaneous Oxidative Degradation of Surfactants in Titanium Dioxide Suspension

Horváth O, Marosvölgyi T, Vörös J: Microenvironmental Effects on Equilibrium and Photoredox Chemistry of Bromo Complexes in Reverse Micelles

Kislyuk V V, Osipyonok M M, Strilchuk G M, Lytvyn P M, Lozovski V Z: Influence of Particle Size on Their Luminescence

Korösi L, Mogyorósi K, Kun R, Németh J, Dékány I: Preparation and Photooxidation Properties of Metal Oxide Semiconductors Incorporated in Layer Silicates

Simiyu J, Aduda B O, Mwabora J M: Anthocyanin Sensitized Nanoporous TIO2 PEC Solar Cells Preparated by Sol-Gel Process

Suzuki M: Actomyosin Motor Mechanism: Affinity Gradient Surface Force Model

Szabó-Bárdos E, Czili H, Megyeri-Balogh K, Horváth A: Photocatalytic Oxidation of Oxalic Acid Enhanced by Silver and Copper Deposition on TiO2 Surface

Zimehl R, Textor T, Bahners T, Schollmexer E: Smart Textiles - When Colloid Chemistry Bear a Challenge

Nanoparticles, Nanostructures and Nanocomposites

Agod A, Tolnai Gy, Esmail N, Hórvölgyi Z: compression of Nanoparticulate Arrays in a Film Balance: Computer Simulations

Hild E, Seszták T, Völgyes D, Hórvölgyi Z: Characterisation of Silica Nanoparticulate Layers with Scanning Angle Reflectometry

Hochepied J-F, de Oliveira A P A: Controlled Precipitation of Zinc Oxide Particles

Joó P: Porosity and Permeability of Clay Films: an Electrochemical Survey

László K, Marthi K, Tombácz E, Geissler E: Morphology and Acid-Base Properties of Porous Carbon Derived from Polyethyleneterephthalate by Nitric acid Treatment

Papp Sz, Patakfalvi R, Dékány I: Synthesis and Characterization of Noble Metal Nanoparticles /Kaolinite Composites

Rácz L, Pukánszky B Jr, Pozsgay A, Pukánszky B: PA6/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites: Effect of Interaction on Structure and Properties

Sinkó K, Neményi A: Effect of Al- and Si-Containing Precursors on the Structures Formed by Sol-Gel Method

Interfaces, Adsorption

Dredán J, Csóka G, Antal I, Rácz I, Marton S: Interfacial Behaviour of Pharmaceutical Excipients

Földényi R, Czinkota I, Ertli T: Presentation of Multi-step Isotherms Formed at the Adsorption of Herbicides

Horányi G, Joó P: Distinction between Electrostatic and Specific Adsorption of Anions on (Hydr)Oxide/Electrolyte Interfaces by Application of Radiotracer Technique

Kiss É, Szalma J, Keresztes Zs, Kálmán E, Mohai M, Bertóti I: Adhesional Stability of Cadmium-arachidate Langmuir-Blodgett Layers

Móczó J, Fekete E, Pukánszky B: Adsorption of Surfactants on CaCO3 and its Effect on Surface Free Energy

Pászli I, László K: State Equation of the Boundary Layer

Pászli I, László K: The Extended Capillary Theory

Varga I, Gilányi T, Mészáros R: Experimental Investigation of Counterion Dependence of Alkali Decyl Sulfate Adsorption at the Air/Solution Interface

Polymers and Macromolecular Solutions

Halász L, Vincze Á, Vorster O: Relaxation Spectrum Calculation Methods and Their Use to Determine the Molecular Mass Distribution of Propylene, Ethylene and Alpha Olefin Random Copolymers

Kónya M, Bohus P, Paglino L, Csóka I, Csányi E, Eros I: Coherent Emulsions Containing Alkylpolyglucoside Esters as Emulsifiers

Lakatos I, Lakatos-Szabó J: Diffusionof H+ Ions in Polymer/Silicate Gels

Nohara A, Kageyama M, Kuroki S, Ando I: A Study of Structure and Dynamics of Water and Lysozyme Protein in Aqueous Solution by Pulse High Field-Gradient Spin-Echo 1H NMR and 17O NMR Methods


Gilányi T, Varga I, Mészáros R: Molecular Interaction Model of Polymer-surfactant Complex Formation

Kharitonova T, Rudnev A, Ivanova N: Capillary Zone Electrophoresis for Surfactant Analysis in Aqueous Media

Marosi Gy, Márton A, Csontos I, Matkó Sz, Szép A, Anna P, Bertalan Gy, Kiss É: Reactive Surfactants - New Type of Additives for Multicomponent Polymer Systems

Petrovic L, Sovilj V, Dokic P, Schäffer I: Formation of Proanthocyanidins -Loaded Liposomes under Various Conditions

Aggregation and Growth

Kilian H-G, Kemkemer R, Gruler H: Relaxation Processes during Cell Growth

Tombácz E, Nyilas T, Libor Zs, Csanaki Cs: Surface Charge Heterogeneity and Aggregation of Clay Lamellae in Aqueous Suspensions

Vörös M, Agod A, Basa P, Zrínyi M, Hórvölgyi Z: Analysis of the Cluster Size Distribution of 2D Aggregates in Terms of Polydispersity

RIB39783540005537_iverz.txt#p>Hungerford G, Real Oliveira MECD, Castanheira EMS, Burrows HD, Miguel M da G: Transitions in Ternary Surfactant/alkane/water Microemulsions as Viewed by Fluorescence

Siegel S, Vollhardt D: Phase Behaviour and Domain Structure of 9-Hydroxyhexadecanoic Acid Monolayers

Wright M, Kurumada K-i, Robinson BH: Rates of Incorporation of Small Molecules into Pluronic Micelles

Kurumada K-i, Robinson BH: Viscosity Studies of Pluronic 127 in Aqueous Solution

Bergstrom M, Eriksson JC: Synergistic Effects in Binary Surfactant Mixtures

Chittofrati A, Pieri F, D'Aprile F, Lenti D, Maccone P, Visca M : Perfluoropolyether Carboxylic Salts in Micellar Solution and o/w Microemulsions

Sobral AJFN, Lopes SH, Rocha Gonsalves AM d'A, Ramos Silva M, Matos Beja A, Paixão JA, L. Alte da Veiga L: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of New Phase Transfer Catalysts Based on 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene and 1,5-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]non-5-ene

Berlot I, Chevalier Y, Coche-Guérente L, Labbé P, Moutet J-C : Interfacial and Micellar Behaviour of Pyrrole-Containing Surfactants

Persson G, Edlund H, Lindblom G: Phase Behaviour of the 1-Monooleoyl-rac-glycerol/n-octyl-b -D-glucoside/water System

Thuresson K, Antunes FE, Miguel MG, Lindman B: The Association Between a Non-ionic Microemulsion and Hydrophobially Modified PE. A Rheological Investigation

Esumi K: Adsolubilization by Mixtures of Ionic and Nonionic Surfactants

Oliger P, Fischer A, Hebrant M, Tondre C: Probe Entrapment by Vesicular Systems in Relation with the Properties of the Amphiphilic Film

Burrows HD, Kharlamov AA: About Energy and Electron Transfer Processes in C60/Phthalocyanine Films

Hato M, Minamikawa H, Salkar RA, Matsutani S: Phase Behaviour of Phytanyl-chained Alkylglycoside/Water Systems

Llères D, Clamme J-P, Dauty E, Behr J-P, Mély Y, Duportail G : Oxidizable Cationic Detergent for Gene Therapy: Condensation of DNA and Interaction with Model Membranes

Ardhammar M, Lincoln P, Nordén B: Orientation of Ruthenium Dipyridophenazine Complexes in Liposome Membranes Sensitively Controlled by Ligand Substituents

Airoldi M, Boicelli CA, Gennaro G, Giomini M, Giuliani AM, Giustini M, Paci E: Cationic Microemulsion Hosting Polynucleotides: Effect of NaCl on Host and Guest

Santos MSCS,. Lacerda SMV, Barbosa EFG: Interactions of Selected Flavonoids with NaDS Micelles

Di Biasio A, Bordi F, Cametti C: Salt-induced Aggregation in Cationic Liposome Suspensions

Céu Rei M, Coutinho PJG, Castanheira EMS, Real Oliveira MEDC: C12E7-DPPC Mixed Systems Studied by Pyrene Fluorescence Emission

Baptista ALF, Coutinho PJG, Real Oliveira MECD, Rocha Gomes JIN: Lipid Interaction with Textile Fibres in dyeing Conditions

Hatzara E, Karatza E, Avramiotis S, Xenakis A: Spectroscopic Mobility Probing Studies of Lecithin Organogels

Hauck J, Mika K: Self-assembly of Homogeneous Systems

Lawlor A, McCullagh GD, Zaccarell E, Foffi G, Dawson KA: Interactions in Systems with Short-range Attractions and Applications to Protein Crystallisation

Bostrom M, Williams DRM, Ninham BW: Specific Ion Effects: Why Colloid Science has Failed to Contribute to Biology

Martín-Molina A, Quesada-Pérez M, Galisteo-González F, Hidalgo-Álvarez R: Charge Inversion of Latex Particlesin Presence of Electrolyte

Moncho-Jordá A, Quesada-Pérez M, Martínez-López F, Hidalgo-Álvarez R: Structure and Interaction Forces in Colloidal Monolayers

Kovalchuk NM, Vollhardt D: Direct Numerical Simulation of the Mechanism of Surface Tension Auto-oscillation

Hrust V, TomiSic V, Kallay N: Characterization of Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Surface Active Agents by Conductometry

González-Romero E, Fernández-Calvar B, Carlos Bravo-Díaz C: Electrochemical Determination of the Stability Constant of an Aryl Radical with b -Cyclodextrin

Lehmann L, Kudryashov E, Buckin V: Ultrasonic Monitoring of the Gelatinisation of Starch

Scheffold F, Romer S, Cardinaux F, Bissig H, Stradner A, Rojas-Ochoa LF, Trappe V, Urban C, Skipetrov SE, Cipellatti L, Schurtenberger P: New Trends in Optical Microrheology of Complex Fluids and Gels

Briscoe WH, Horn RG: Electrical Double Layer Interactions in a Nonpolar Liquid Measured with a Modified Surface Force Apparatus

Dynarowicz-Latka P, Miñones Jr J, Kita K, Milart P: The Utility of Brewster Angle Microscopy in Evaluating the Origin of the Plateau in Surface Pressure/Area Isotherms of Aromatic Carboxylic Acids

Brunner M, Bechinger C: Colloidal Systems in Intense, Two-dimensional Laser Fields

Miñones Jr J, Dynarowicz-Latka P, Seoane R, Iribarnegaray E, Casas M: Brewster Angle Microscopy Studies of the Morphology in Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidyl Glycerol Monolayers Spread on Subphases of Different pH

Peel LL, Lu JR: The Interaction of C12E5with Olive Oil Films Studied by Neutron Reflection

Terreros Gomez A, Rubio Retama BJ, Lopez Ruiz B, Galera Gomez PA, Rueda Rodriguez C, Arias Garcia C, Lopez Cabarcos E: Encapsulation of Alkaline Phosphtatase in Polyacrylamide Microparticles Using the Concentrated Emulsion Polymerisation Method

Lopez F, Palazzo G, Colafemmina G, Cinelli G, Ambrosone L, Ceglie A: Enzymatic Activity of Lipase Entrapped in CTAB/Water/Pentanol/Hexane Reverse Micelles: a Functional and Microstructural Investigation

A.A. Kharlamov AA, H.D. Burrows HD: Monitoring of the Aroma of Fruits at their Surface by Luminescence

Romsted LS, Zhang J: Determining Antioxidant Distributions in Model Food Emulsions: Development of a New Kinetic Method Based on the Pseudophase Model in Micelles and Opaque Emulsions

Wege HA, Holgado-Terriza JA, Cabrerizo-Vílchez MA: Development of a Pressure-Controlled Pendant Drop Surface Balance. Study of Protein Adsorption Kinetics at the Solution-air Interface

Dziechciarek Y, van Soest JJG, Philipse AP: Rheology of Starch-based Colloidal Microgels

Zoumpanioti M, Karavas E, Skopelitis C, Stamatis H, A. Xenakis A: Lecithin Organogels as Model Carriers of Pharmaceutical...
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