The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature

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A comprehensive and lively introduction to Canadian literature, its major genres, themes and preoccupations.


Introduction Eva-Marie Kroller; 1. Aboriginal writing Penny van Toorn; 2. Francophone writing Edward D. Blodgett; 3. Exploration and travel Eva-Marie Kroller; 4. Nature-writing Christoph Irmscher; 5. Drama Ric Knowles; 6. Poetry David Staines; 7. Fiction Marta Dvorak; 8. Short fiction Robert Thacker; 9. Writing by women Coral Ann Howells; 10. Life writing Susanna Egan and Gabriele Helms; 11. Regionalism and urbanism Janice Fiamengo; 12. Canadian literary criticism and the idea of a national literature Magdalene Redekop.


Eva-Marie Kroller is Professor at the Department of English, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


'... insightful and enlightening ...' Reference Reviews 'The volume owes its high quality to the editor and to the contributors from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Australia and France whose long-time engagement with Canadian studies has made them outstanding experts in the field.' Anglia '... the achievement of The Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature is its concise synthesis of an immense subject area.' International Journal of Canadian Studies '... this very fine volume ... should be on the shelf of every serious Canlit student.' Anglistik '... this highly respected series attracts some of the world's most renowned literary critics, and as a result the essays offered here are both provocative and informative, with contributors from England, the United States, Australia and France, as well as five Canadians. ... Canadian literature is as diverse and multicultural as the society it mirrors and ... the Cambridge Companion to Canadian Literature reflects this, revealing a number of fascinating insights for Canadianists and newcomers alike.' British Journal of Canadian Studies 'The result is very impressive: clear and no shortcuts tolerated, lacking in jargon, discussions that balance detailed textual analysis with ambitious synthesis.' Etudes anglaises 'This Companion is, above all, a very practical and helpful book for anyone who wants to study the changing and challenging contexts of Canadian literature.' Canadian Literature
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