Sodomy, Masculinity and Law in Medieval Literature

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This book offers a historical survey of attitudes towards same-sex love during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.


Introduction; Part I. Locations: 1. Locating sodomy; 2. Imagining sodomy; Part II. Confrontations: 3. Making Perceval: double-binding and sieges perilleux; 4. Queering the Celts: men who don't marry in Marie de France; 5. Writing the self: Alain de Lille's De planctu naturae.


William Burgwinkle is Lecturer in French and Occitan in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages in the University of Cambridge and fellow at King's College. He is the author of Love for Sale: Materialist Readings of the Troubadour Razo Corpus Razos and Troubadour Songs (1997) and the editor of Significant Others: Film and Literature, East and West (1993).


"This elegantly understated tour de force is lucid, accessible, and appealing. It should speak to a variety of readerships, all of them fit, even if some of them are few: scholars of medieval romance, of Old French and Anglo-Norman, of the Latin prosimetrum and the so-called School of Chartres, and of the twelfth century generally and that sudden profusion in nearly ever form of cultural expression often misleadingly called the twelfth-century Renaissance." - Larry Scanlon, Rutgers University "warmly recommended" - Norris J. Lacey, Pennsylvania State University "the author provides a well-rounded look at sodomy, masculinity, and law, not to mention marriage, femininity, knighthood, courtly love, and romance in medieval English and French literature." - Dana Polanichka, History, UCLA "William Burgwinkle deserves immense credit for crafting a throughly grounded and critically refreshing argument about homophobic rhetoric and how it attempts to police the borders of gendered norms." Adam Miyashiro, Comparative Literature Studies
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