Perspectives on Embodiment: The Intersections of Nature and Culture

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April 1999



"Perspectives on Embodiment" offers multiple ways of conceptualizing human corporeality. These essays collectively defy arbitrary distinctions between nature and culture and reveal the complex ways in which nature and culture interact to produce embodied subjects.
A central premise of this collection is that a variety of perspectives is needed to illuminate the fluid, ever-changing features of human corporeality. This book not only explores what it means to be an embodied subject, but also encourages speculation about our future bodily incarnations.


Gail Weiss is Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Ph.D. program in the Human Sciences at The George Washington University. She is the author of Body Images (Routledge 1998). Honi Fern Haber was Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Colorado, Denver. She is the author of Beyond Postmodern Politics (Routledge 1994). She died in 1995.


"This impressive group of philosophers have come together across the continental/analytic divide to reconceptualize the body in relation to philosophy. When we view the body as the subject of perception and not just the object, as Gail Weiss points out, it becomes essential to reconceptualize many of the fundamental concepts used in philosophies of action, of mind, and of consciousness. We will need to reconceptualize the cognitive sciences, given that perception is structured by the body as a whole rather than an abstracted perceptual organ. These essays provide an excellent entree into this exciting new area of philosophical discussion
-Linda Alcoff
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