A Second Voice: A Century of Osteopathic Medicine in Ohio

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Dezember 2004



Doctors Of Osteopathy Today Practice Side By Side with medical doctors, employing the same diagnostic and curative tools of scientific medicine--with a difference. A Second Voice: A Century of Osteopathic medicine in Ohio is the story of that difference. Focusing on the historical experience of a pivotal midwestern state, historian Carol Poh Miller illuminates struggles common to osteopathic medicine nationwide as it fought to secure its place in American health care. First promulgated by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874, osteopathy was a reaction against the primitive medical practices of the period. Believing that the body had its own natural curative powers, Still manipulated vertebrae to free circulation and to remove pathology. Early osteopaths endured discrimination, as orthodox medicine and its allies sought to prevent the establishment of Still's new healing method. Written in conjunction with the one-hundredth anniversary of the Ohio Osteopathic Association. A Second Voice traces the origins and growth of the profession in Ohio. It recounts the early legal battles, the establishment of separate osteopathic hospitals, and the hard-fought campaigns to win equal practice rights and to build a state college of osteopathic medicine. Finally, it reconsiders the notorious murder trial of Cleveland osteopathic physician Sam Sheppard in the context of his family's contributions to the osteopathic profession and a prosecution that, evidence has shown, fingered the wrong man. A Second Voice is a valuable addition to the history of medicine in Ohio and the nation.


Carol Poh Miller lives in Cleveland and is co-author of Cleveland: A Concise History, 1796-1996.

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