The Plebeian Republic: The Huanta Rebellion and the Making of the Peruvian State, 1820-1850

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April 2005



Examines the politics of a 19th c. peasant revolt in Peru, looking at the organization and practice of government by the rebels to examine what a largely illiterate population understood by terms such as "nation" and showing the rebellion's sign


"The Plebeian Republic is an exciting and pathbreaking examination of state formation seen from a local perspective. Cecilia Mendez offers a convincing analysis of how people who are usually seen as 'acted upon' and reacting to political events develop and act on political strategies of their own. I found this a wonderful read."--Karen Spalding, author of Huarochiri: An Andean Society under Inca and Spanish Rule "The Plebeian Republic is a well-done and welcome contribution to ongoing debates on the meaning of political independence from Spain and the difficulties the new nation-states faced in creating new political, economic, and social spaces. Cecilia Mendez not only asks new questions but, in answering them, dismantles long-held assumptions about the nonparticipation of manifold social groups in the construction of politics."--Christine Hunefeldt, author of Liberalism in the Bedroom: Quarreling Spouses in Nineteenth-Century Lima "The book, while contributing to Peruvian historiography, is driven by a forceful message about the complexity of early republican Spanish America and is an impressive effort to grapple with difficult questions... Recommended."--J. Rosenthal, Choice "Provocative."--Peter Blanchard, History: Reviews of New Books "Mendez has produced an important, painstaking study of a fascinating early episode of Peruvian nation-state formation."-- Nils Jacobsen, American Historical Review
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