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CAD Management: The Definitive Guide to Systems Set-Up, Maintenance and Efficiency is designed as a useful handbook covering both management and technical issues. This is a book that no A/E firm should be without. CAD Management: The Definitive Guide to Systems Set-Up, Maintenance and Efficiency covers a wide range of topics pertaining to CAD, including: CAD software set-up CAD management CAD printing and plotting A brief guide to AutoCAD How CAD relates to the rest of the office CAD disaster handling Stress management in a CAD environment These topics are the basic ones which need to be covered for effective management of CAD resources. By examining all the ways CAD should be managed and all the related areas it affects, and how to improve efficiency, this book provides a complete guide to CAD management. CAD Management: The Definitive Guide to Systems Set-Up, Maintenance and Efficiency is designed to be a non-intimidating companion for CAD professionals and related staff. Distinctive features: thoroughly illustrated to demonstrate key concepts describes a sample day in the life of a CAD manager features CAD training and orientation programs for different office staff demonstrates the ways CAD can be marketed and creates an understanding of how CAD connects back to all facets of A/E business. explains ways to reduce stress in the workplace. From the Foreword ` ... man develops modern technology, modern technology influences man. An architectural or engineering office supporting a CAD department is deeply influenced by this relatively new technology and cannot be successful in its use unless organizationally and individually ready to be influenced; just as modems and word processing have revolutionized verbal communication in the A/E environment, CAD is in the process of revolutionizing both small and large scale visual communication... May the reader of this useful book learn to make the best use of one of the most rewarding visual techniques developed to date.' Mario Salvadori (late), Hon. ASCE, Hon. AIA; Honorary Chairman of the Board, Weidlinger Associates Inc., Consulting Engineers; Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Columbia University


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Fundamentals. 2. Hardware and Software Basics. 3. CAD and Networks. 4. Procedures: The Foundation for Efficient Work. 5. The CAD Environment. 6. Managing the CAD Department. 7. A Brief Guide to AutoCAD for Managers. 8. The Hard Copy: Plotting and Printing. 9. Disaster Handling. 10. The Future. 11. Epilogue. Vendors List. Illustration Credits. Index.


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