Poems and Contexts: Yeats Annual No.16: A Special Number

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From this renowned research-level series, Poems and Contexts: Yeats Annual 16 thrusts Yeats's poems back into the circumstances of their creation and revision, thereby addressing what is very much the coming subject in studies of the Irish Literary Revival and the Modernist Movement: the historicity of Yeats's texts. Essayists and their themes include Wayne Chapman on Yeats's Rebellion Poems, while Joseph M. Hassett and P. S. Sri address Yeats's poetic sequences from fresh viewpoints. Deirdre Toomey illuminates the turning point of 'The Municipal Gallery Revisited', A. Norman Jeffares contributes a major biographical study of Iseult Gonne, and Neil Mann a study of George Yeats and Athanasius Kircher. The volume also features research materials, including a full printing of Richard Ellmann's Notebooks on Yeats .


List of Plates Abbreviations Editorial Board Notes on the Contributors Editor's Introduction Acknowledgements and Editorial Information POEMS AND CONTEXTS 'Upon a House Shaken': The struggle for Coole Park, 1907-1910; J.Pethica Self-Theorizing Poetry: Yeats's Ars Poetica in The Green Helmet and Other Poems ; J.Ramazani Yeats's Dislocated Rebellion Poems and the Great War: The Case of The Wild Swans at Coole and Michael Robartes and the Dancer ; W.K.Chapman Crazy Jane Reconsidered; J.M.Hassett The Influence of Vedanta on Yeats's Supernatural Songs; P.S.Sri 'Amaryllis in the Shade': The Municipal Gallery Revisited; D.Toomey 'Mastering what is most abstract': A Forum on A Vision , George Yeats and Athanasius Kircher; N.Mann RESEARCH MATERIALS Iseult Gonne;
A.Norman Jeffares 'Gasping at the Strand': Richard Ellmann's W.B. Yeats Notebooks; W.Gould REVIEWS R.F.Foster, W.
B. Yeats, A Life: Vol. 2: The Arch-Poet ; J.Harwood W.B. Yeats, The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats , ed. by John Kelly et al., InteLex Electronic Edition; W.K.Chapman Yeats's Vision Papers , Volume 4: The Discoveries of Michael Robartes, Version B , ed. George Mills Harper and Margaret Mills Harper, assisted by Richard W. Stoops;
C.McDowell Publications Received


WAYNE K.CHAPMAN Professor of English at Clemson University, USA
WARWICK GOULD Professor of English Literature in the University of London and Director of the Institute of English Studies in the School of Advanced Study, UK
JOHN HARWOOD Editor and Author
JOSEPH M.HASSETT Lawyer, Washington D.C., USA
NEIL MANN Researcher, Helsinki
COLIN MCDOWELL Public Servant in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia
JAMES PETHICA Visiting Associate Professor at Williams College, Massachusetts, USA
JAHAN RAMAZANI William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of English at the university of Virginia, USA
P.S.SRI Professor of Comparative Literature at Royal Military College of Canada, Canada
DEIDRE TOOMEY Editor and Author


'The admirable Yeats Annual. . . a powerful base of biographical and textual knowledge. Since 1982 the vade mecum of Yeats...' - Bernard O'Donoghue, The Times Literary Supplement
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