Reimagining Growth: Towards a Renewal of Development Theory

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August 2005



In this volume a group of eminent economists and other social scientists seek to present an innovative new approach to economic development, drawing in part from certain heterodox intellectual traditions within economics as well as from the other social sciences. The intention is to point the way theoretically to a much more sophisticated understanding of economic development. The ultimate prize, they show, by grounding theory in a more accurate analysis of social change, is policies that really will deliver higher economic growth and greater social justice worldwide.


I. Framing the Problem 1. Introduction - Silvana De Paula and Gary A. Dymski 2. The Planned Development of Latin America: The Rhetorical Analysis of Three Documents from the 1950s - Ana Maria Bianchi 3. The Other Canon and Uneven Growth: The Activity-Specific Elements of Economic Development - Erik S. Reinert II. Rethinking the Role of Institutions and Macro-Structures in Development 4. Institutions and Economic Development: Constraining, Enabling and Reconstituting - Geoffrey M. Hodgson 5. The Role of Institutions in Economic Change - Ha-Joon Chang and Peter Evans 6. Banking and the Financing of Development: A Schumpeterian and Minskyian Perspective - Jan Kregel and Leonardo Burlamaqui III. Rethinking the Microstructure of Development: Individuals and Communities in Global and Local Spaces 7. Consumer Society: What Opportunities for New Expressions of Citizenship and Control? - John Wilkinson 8. Society, Community and Economic Development - Michael Storper 9. Poverty and Social Discrimination: A Spatial Keynesian Approach - Gary A. Dymski IV. Rethinking the Participatory Process: Local and Global Connections 10. The World Social Forum: A Space for the Translation of Diversity in Social Mobilisation - Nelson Giordano Delgado and Jorge Osvaldo Romano


Gary Dymski is based in the economics department of the University of California Riverside. Silvana De Paula is at the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro. The contributors are internationally known economists, social scientists and development theorists. They include Zed author Ha-Joon Chang.
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