Elements of Bibliography: A Guide to Information Sources and Practical Applications

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November 1998



A guidebook detailing the resources available and basic standards of an enumerative or descriptive bibliography.


Robert B. Harmon (M.L.S., Rutgers) is Reference Librarian at San Jose State University. He has also been an acquisitions librarian and maintains his own private reference service, Bibliographic Research Library.


The chapters dealing with bibliography and its history, the history of the book, the mechanics of creating bibliographies, and information resources are thorough and detailed. The book contains a wealth of useful information about a topic that is vital to our modern information society. The Journal of Academic Librarianship It is a popular, readable and inexpensive volume that forms a useful introduction to a subject that still has great relevance in the Information Age. Asian Libraries ...a useful guide to the literature for American students...provides a handy guide to electronic facilities and resources for bibliography. Papers Of The Bibliographical Society Of America Library school students and researchers interested in bibliography will find this a useful volume. Lisca A fundamental text for library students, scholars, and professionals... College & Research Libraries News
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