The RoutledgeFalmer Reader in Inclusive Education

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This invaluable text draws together an impressive selection of articles on inclusion from a broad base to bring clarity and lucidity to a complicated subject.


1. In Search of Inclusion
Part 1: Concepts and Context
2. Inclusive Education: The Ideals and the Practice
3. Inclusive Practice: What, Why and How?
4. Inclusive Education: Are There Limits?
Part 2: Gender, Race, Disability, Poverty, Social Class
5. Pupils' Perspectives on Their Education
6. Social Background and Achievement
7. The Context: A Problem of Gender
8. Connecting the Disconnected: Exploring Issues of Gender, Race and SEN within an Inclusive Context
Part 3: Exclusion From School: Problems and Challenges
9. The Challenge of Truancy and School Absenteeism
10. School Exclusions in the UK: Numbers, Trends and Variations
Part 4: Action in Schools
11. Adapting Curriculum and Instruction
12. Policies for Positive Behaviour Management
13. Peer and Cross-age Tutoring and Mentoring Schemes
Part 5: Promoting and Managing Systemic Change in Schools
14. Standards for Inclusion: Self-monitoring for School Improvement
15. Virginia Woolf High School
16. The Tide has Turned: A Case-study of One Inner City LEA Moving Towards Inclusion
Part 6: Post-School
17. Transition from School: How can it be Improved?
18. Everybody In? The Experience of Disabled Students in Further Education
19. Inclusive Education in Universities: Why it is Important and How it can be Achieved?
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