Introduction to Plasma Physics

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Januar 2005



The emphasis of this text is on basic plasma theory, with applications to both space and laboratory plasmas. Topics covered include single-particle motions, kinetic theory, magnetohydrodynamics, small amplitude waves in both cold and hot plasmas, nonlinear phenomena and collisional effects. Applications include planetary magnetospheres and radiation belts, the confinement and stability of plasmas in fusion devices, the propagation of discontinuities and shock waves in the solar wind, and the analysis of various types of plasma waves and instabilities that can occur in planetary magnetospheres and laboratory plasma devices.


1. Introduction; 2. Characteristic parameters of a plasma; 3. Single particle motions; 4. Waves in a cold plasma; 5. Kinetic theory and the moment equations; 6. Magnetohydrodynamics; 7. Discontinuities and shock waves; 8. Electrostatic waves in a hot unmagnetized plasma; 9. Waves in a hot magnetized plasma; 10. Nonlinear effects; 11. Collisional processes.


'... [an] engaging text, clear and accessible ... Highly intuitive explanations get right to the point, and careful derivations often include sophisticated yet concise discussions of subtleties. ... Some complex topics are described so clearly that they make the reader feel really smart.' American Journal of Physics
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